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Family History/Researcher

Today more and more people want to investigate their family history. Who were they? Where did they originate from and perhaps discovering a family secret or uncover a family skeleton that could potentially be lurking in the cupboard. Programmes like Who Do You Think You Are? access to digitised records online, digging up your roots has become even more popular. In this fast world that we live in, there is not often the time to do this and so this is where I can help you. 

My Family History

This lady is my 2nd Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Born 1855 in Northumberland) By chance I discovered a cousin many times removed in Australia. We exchanged emails and this uncovered an amazing story about a box in his mothers attic that contained many letters hand written by Elizabeth. These letters were sent to her daughter who had emigrated to marry her WW1 soldier sweetheart. The box contained photographs that were not recognised by my cousin. More emails back and forth and we have managed to identify almost all of the subjects.

I was brought up in Edinburgh and lived there for 30 years, before moving to Fife with our young family. After my parents passed away, I decided to try and find out more about my own family history. It had never really been talked about and that is when I became hooked on genealogy. So, finding out that both of my parents had ancestors from Fife was quite a surprise! We hail from as far as Caithness to the Scottish Borders where recently one of my daughters has made her home. I have discovered Irish ancestry that includes an unfortunate lunatic GGGrandfather who was sectioned and died a poor man in Gartloch Lunatic Asylum. There is also a convict called Horatio Walker who made a life of crime and was imprisoned on quite a few occasions before he died in a poor house in Dunfermline. 

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