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I have been a professional researcher for over 20 years and in the last 16 years have been undertaking family history research. I am the Chairman of Fife Family History Society. I also volunteer my time in their library resource room/archive.  I am a member of the Scottish Genealogy Network who meet on a regular basis (when possible) to share skills, ideas, take part in CPD workshops and visit archives and places of interest. 


I have taken part in the an episode of the BBC television programme WDYTYA with celebrity Anne Reid. Anne also has ancestors from Fife and we spent the day uncovering the first part of her journey.  Filming took place on a very cold day in the November 2014 in a derelict church in quite literally the middle of nowhere.  I have always been a big fan of this programme and so taking part was a huge thrill for me.



Scottish Ancestry 

Researching OPR's, BMDs, Census Records, archived newspapers, archives and Kirk Session Minutes. 


Please contact us regarding our research fee/s as every research enquiry can differ. We would be happy to provide a unique service to you. 

Research Service

I have researched family and local history for clients from various parts of the World. I have provided researched information to be included in publications and for authors/writers who cannot access this information themselves. 



Terms and Conditions

Please email me at 

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