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In 2016 I required a researcher on the ground in Scotland, to delve into local archives in Fife to find details of the early life of an artist I'm writing about. I found Alison by way of the Fife Family History Society. She proved to be just the person for the job. She left no stone unturned and did exactly as I'd hoped: she not only presented me with the facts, she used her local knowledge to interpret them - invaluable for a writer based in the Antipodes.  Georgina White, New Zealand

Thank you for everything! Our visit was fabulous and I'm so glad you were able to be part of it. PS I'll be back! Lots more research to do.  Marlyn, Boston, Massachusetts

Can I give out your name and  e-mail address to the local Scottish Heritage and Genealogical Societies in my area of the U.S.? Your work is exceptional, and I know there are others back home who might want to use your talents. David Lamb I, Iowa.

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